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ARTy Time at Lark Cafe

Busy artists

Saturday was a perfect day for craft-making. A fun group joined us at Lark Cafe to make birds from recycled materials. A couple of families that came by to grab a snack stumbled upon the class. Lured by the colorful feathers and found objects, their boys begged to join us. The group doubled in size by the time the class ended. Time flew by and an hour later a new flock of exotic birds were ready to fly home with happy kids from the neighborhood.

Thanks to all who joined us. We’re planning more kids classes soon. Please comment below and let us know what kinds of classes you’d like to see and the days and times that would work best for your family.

Two happy birds


We Drank and Drew at Lark Cafe

Our die-hard drawing students braved the torrential downpour and tornado warnings to participate in the first ever Drink and Draw class at the Lark Cafe last Tuesday.  Teacher Amy Digi was very cool and the vibe was more like friends hanging out and drawing than a drawing class.  At one point, we were so giddy and chatty that the fiction writing teacher from the room next store came in to hush us. But as you can see from the photo above, it was all concentration and seriousness as we focused on getting down the curves and shapes of our model, Monica, a veteran from the Art Student League.

Half the class had never drawn from a model before. Amy showed us all how to render the form by looking at negative space and seeing shape relationships.  We drew from  ten 1-minute poses, two 5-minute poses, three 10- minute poses and one 15-minute pose, with breaks in between to discuss and share our work.

I’m very proud of these gesture drawings I did from the 1 minute poses!

As you can see,  it really doesn’t matter if you know how to draw, it’s a great night out!  And the Jever beers, imported from Germany from a local Kensington resident, helped keep us loose and happy.

So due to popular demand, (and our survey), we are planning a 6-week Drink and Draw class series. Students will need to pay in advance and reserve their space.  There will be different models each week. The location will  be determined.

If interested, Please send us a comment below with your name and contact information and the days and times that work best for you. We’ll get back to you when we’re ready to launch!

Hope to see you there!

ARTery Classes at the Market attracts droves, despite heat!

Despite the grueling heat on Sunday, we had an amazing turn out at our second round of Art Attack classes at the Cortelyou Market.  As you can see from the photos, our awesome teaching artists kept their students engrossed in making mosaic pots, origami pinwheels, books, mock-tails, animal balloons and masks.

Here’s the Mock-tail recipes:

Cucumber Cooler
In a cocktail shaker, muddle the pineapple chunks and juice with the Simple Syrup. Add the Cucumber Water and ice; shake well. Pour into a highball glass and top with club soda and cucumber slices.

Tuscan Fresco
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 1 rosemary sprig and the peach nectar, white cranberry juice, lemon juice and Simple Syrup. Shake well and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Stir in the club soda and garnish with the remaining rosemary sprig.

Strawberry-Ginger Cooler
In a cocktail shaker, muddle the strawberry slices with the chopped ginger and Simple Syrup. Add ice and the orange and lime juice and shake well. Double strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Stir in the ginger beer and garnish with a strawberry half.

We also used the opportunity to survey the public about the kinds of classes they would like and find out what days and times work best for them and/or their kids.

Overall, the feedback is that this is a super great business idea!! Now we’re moving into action, organizing classes for adults and kids in pop-up locations around the neighborhood. Sign on to receive this blog so you can be the first to sign up for them.

If you haven’t already, scroll down and take our survey and give us your input.

Be Artistic this Sunday at the Cortelyou Rd Farmers Market

Whether or not you’re the creative type, its always fun and rewarding to do something artistic. The ARTery’s goal is to get folks back to making and doing things with our hands… Whether its sewing or painting, knitting or taking good photographs, ARTery artists can take you to the next level.

Get a taste of some of our classes this Sunday: August 5th, at the Cortelyou Farmers Market.

Please stop by, we’d love to meet you!

Here’s the line-up:

9-9:45- Animal Balloons- back by popular demand!

10-10:45- Cardboard sculpture masks- with moving parts…like the one in the photo!

11-11:45- Origami Pinwheels- fun and easy, with pretty papers

12-12:45- Book binding- another successful repeat performance!

1-1:45- Mosaics- once again, with our Juan Carlos, our local mosaic muralist!

2-2:45- Fruit and Herb-infused Mocktails- Another chance for you grown-ups to impress your friends at summer BBQ’s

Hope to see you there!

The Brooklyn ARTery lands at the Cortelyou Farmer’s Market!

 Brooklyn had it’s first Art Attack…..

On Sunday, July 22nd, the Brooklyn ARTery launched our first in a series of pop-up classes at the Cortelyou Farmer’s Market to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood…..  And what a day we had! All day long people popped in to take part in printmaking, book-binding, cartooning, making animal balloons, mock-tails, origami and collaborating on a public art mosaic mural next to John’s Bakery.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to the amazing teachers who helped make our first Art Attack such a great addition to the market. We’ll be back on August 5th for another round! Keep an eye on our blog for the announcement of the next line up of classes or better still – sign up here to get a notification when we post them!

We are so pleased with the enthusiastic reaction we’ve received from everyone about the ARTery. One thing we noticed on Sunday was that it was mostly kids who took part in the activities. That was a real eye opener!  We were happy that the kids had such a good time. But we also want to know what times and classes would work for adults too. We’re designing it for our community so the more input we can get from you the better.

Nina’s handmade books

Tell us what kind of classes you’d like to take and if you or someone you know would like to teach at the ARTery. We have a short survey below and hope you’ll share your ideas with us to help make the Brooklyn ARTery an integral part of life in Ditmas! Thanks in advance for sparing the time to give us your input. And we hope to see you at the Cortelyou Market on Aug. 5th in front of the library for more classes and fun.


Woody and Aliza: Book-binding teachers

Sara Shears’s Origami class

Animal balloon class was a hit with the little ones.

Ditmas is Having an ART ATTACK!

Maybe you have run out of things to do with your kids ..or you want to leave them some place safe and productive while you run errands or shop at the market.  Or you want to do something different WITH your kids…  Or maybe you don’t have kids and you just want to do something creative and fun! If so,
Visit the Cortelyou Road Farmer’s Market this Sunday,
July 22nd, from 9:00-2:00 and you can:
Jump into any or all of the following activities; fun for kids and adults!!

                                                                                                                                             TENT #1 at Library Entrance @ Argyle Rd. FREE CLASSES

9:00-10:00- Balloon Animals! Be the life of the party! Learn how to make animals sculptures with balloon artiste extraordinaire Jocelyn Lucas-Rosenberg.

10:15-11:15- Cartooning: Comics can be anything! Marguerite Dabaie will show examples from Superheroes, to comic strips, to graphic novels, to manga, to “alternative” comics. Use supplies that comic artists typically use and create your own comics! This is a great workshop for the comic-curious. Age 10 and up.

11:30-12:30- Vegetable Print Cards: Sometimes the simplest techniques create the most beautiful results. Prints from the exquisite natural patterns on farm fresh vegetables and fruits makes one-of-a-kind hand-designed cards.  All ages can participate!

Tent #2- Rugby Rd,  near Cortelyou:  Classes $10 pp (covers material costs)

9:00-10:00-Mosaic Mural: Public Art Project: Work with Juan Carlos Pinto and the Brooklyn Recycling Project and collaborate on a mosaic mural on the wall beside John’s Bakery on Cortelyou Road! Learn the basics of mosaic art while creating a permanent public art work in the neighborhood!
The Brooklyn Recycle Project is a collective that builds community through art. They create public works of art through the appropriation of discarded materials. Their goal is to promote community involvement through the integration of art in public spaces, while addressing the issue of waste.  80,000 years ago in Kenya, 50,000 ago in Australia, 40,000 in France and Spain, the early humans were creating “public art”.  It has become a legacy, a testament and an account of the time. BRP works in the same vein, paying tribute to our time and people. 

10:15-11:15- Bookbinding 101-With Aliza Simons and Woody Leslie
Learn how to make your own book!  You’ll be learning basic bookbinding techniques to craft your own books. Take home your future journal, scrap book or flip book.

11:30-12:30- Origami Bird Mobiles- Learn the ancient Japanese art of origami, (in Japanese, Ori means paper, and kami (gami) means folding), and discover the secret to building balanced mobiles. Sarah Shears will guide you through the creation of a beautiful origami bird mobile. This handmade gift and decoration will surely captivate everyone from babies to adults.

12:45-1:45- Herbs and Fruit Infused Summer Mocktails: Master party mixologists Jackie Fields and Saundra Thomas will show you how to concoct delicious ice cold mocktails muddled with farm fresh herbs and fruits including basil, rosemary, cucumber, mint and mixed berries…  These are refreshing drinks everyone can enjoy, whether you don’t like alcohol, are pregnant, or are a kid! And for you foodies… these mocktails beat wine in Food and Wine magazine’s food pairing game!


Questions or comments? Leave them here.

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