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Ditmas is Having an ART ATTACK!

Maybe you have run out of things to do with your kids ..or you want to leave them some place safe and productive while you run errands or shop at the market.  Or you want to do something different WITH your kids…  Or maybe you don’t have kids and you just want to do something creative and fun! If so,
Visit the Cortelyou Road Farmer’s Market this Sunday,
July 22nd, from 9:00-2:00 and you can:
Jump into any or all of the following activities; fun for kids and adults!!

                                                                                                                                             TENT #1 at Library Entrance @ Argyle Rd. FREE CLASSES

9:00-10:00- Balloon Animals! Be the life of the party! Learn how to make animals sculptures with balloon artiste extraordinaire Jocelyn Lucas-Rosenberg.

10:15-11:15- Cartooning: Comics can be anything! Marguerite Dabaie will show examples from Superheroes, to comic strips, to graphic novels, to manga, to “alternative” comics. Use supplies that comic artists typically use and create your own comics! This is a great workshop for the comic-curious. Age 10 and up.

11:30-12:30- Vegetable Print Cards: Sometimes the simplest techniques create the most beautiful results. Prints from the exquisite natural patterns on farm fresh vegetables and fruits makes one-of-a-kind hand-designed cards.  All ages can participate!

Tent #2- Rugby Rd,  near Cortelyou:  Classes $10 pp (covers material costs)

9:00-10:00-Mosaic Mural: Public Art Project: Work with Juan Carlos Pinto and the Brooklyn Recycling Project and collaborate on a mosaic mural on the wall beside John’s Bakery on Cortelyou Road! Learn the basics of mosaic art while creating a permanent public art work in the neighborhood!
The Brooklyn Recycle Project is a collective that builds community through art. They create public works of art through the appropriation of discarded materials. Their goal is to promote community involvement through the integration of art in public spaces, while addressing the issue of waste.  80,000 years ago in Kenya, 50,000 ago in Australia, 40,000 in France and Spain, the early humans were creating “public art”.  It has become a legacy, a testament and an account of the time. BRP works in the same vein, paying tribute to our time and people. 

10:15-11:15- Bookbinding 101-With Aliza Simons and Woody Leslie
Learn how to make your own book!  You’ll be learning basic bookbinding techniques to craft your own books. Take home your future journal, scrap book or flip book.

11:30-12:30- Origami Bird Mobiles- Learn the ancient Japanese art of origami, (in Japanese, Ori means paper, and kami (gami) means folding), and discover the secret to building balanced mobiles. Sarah Shears will guide you through the creation of a beautiful origami bird mobile. This handmade gift and decoration will surely captivate everyone from babies to adults.

12:45-1:45- Herbs and Fruit Infused Summer Mocktails: Master party mixologists Jackie Fields and Saundra Thomas will show you how to concoct delicious ice cold mocktails muddled with farm fresh herbs and fruits including basil, rosemary, cucumber, mint and mixed berries…  These are refreshing drinks everyone can enjoy, whether you don’t like alcohol, are pregnant, or are a kid! And for you foodies… these mocktails beat wine in Food and Wine magazine’s food pairing game!


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One thought on “Ditmas is Having an ART ATTACK!

  1. This looks GREAT! I can’t wait to learn to make balloon animals. Sorry I’m working later in the day. I hope these pop up again so I can try some more!

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