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Juan Carlos Pinto: Mosaic Muralist Extraordinaire!

If you live in Ditmas Park, you can’t miss Juan Carlos Pinto’s amazing murals and mosaics on the outside walls of Solo Bar on Marlborough, PS 217 lobby and garden, at the Sustainable Flatbush Church Garden and on the old Vox Pop roll-down metal gates. His most recent is the colorful mosaic in the Newkirk Plaza passageway.

Carlos, a passionate and creative Guatemalan artist, came to this country 12 years ago.  Attracted to the vibrancy of the 80’s NYC graffiti art scene, he immediately connected with the underground street artist movement.  Carlos works in all mediums and can turn almost anything he touches into a beautiful work of art. His home is covered on all surfaces, including his mosaic table, with his large and small oil paintings, sculptures, masks, mosaics and collages.

Carlos artistic vision is inspired by the mosaic muralist Isaiah Zagar, who told him “the streets are your canvas; it will give you walls to tell people what you think and feel and materials you need to do your work.”

His recent works focus on the use of discarded Metro Cards to create striking portraits of revolutionary and iconic figures from John Lennon to Che Guevara.  The idea of using these cards was sparked by his protest of the NYC subway fare hike, and his desire to re-use non-biodegradable materials in a powerful and provocative way.

Through his newly formed collective of 6 artists; Brooklyn Recycle Project is interested in engaging community in the development of public artwork using recycled materials.

His work has been showcased in many individual and collective shows and he is now a sought-after muralist, commissioned to make works of incredible beauty for such places as the Bronx Museum of Art, Two Boots Restaurants and The Girls Club of NY.

We will definitely see Carlos’s work in one form or another at the ARTery, and he will also be a featured teacher… So stay tuned for his classes.

Watch Carlos on this video to learn more about his work:


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