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What’s your talent?

Brooklyn ARTery is all about buying handmade things and promoting the making and doing things by hand. We are now organizing adult and kid summer classes to inspire people to learn a new skill, be creative, get back to basics… and have fun!

Everyone has a talent, maybe even two or three. It might be what you do for a living, or that thing you do in your spare time that makes people say: “I wish I knew how to do that!” or, “Wow, you did that?”

Maybe you’re a juggler or you know how to make balloon animals. You could be a carpenter, a collage artist or have a knack for flower arranging. Everyone has talent, and there are people who would love to take a class from you.

I was talking to a woman about this the other day. She loved the idea but told me she had no talent.  I incidentally complimented her on her eye make-up.  Then we came up with the idea of her teaching a make-up class for teens.

So, tell us about your talent (with your hands) and you could be teaching a class with us soon.  You’ll get paid, meet new people and get to share that talent you have so much passion for.

Who else do you know? Help us spread the word!


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5 thoughts on “What’s your talent?

  1. I am a retired public school art teacher working as a private tutor available for art classes and academic tutoring. For art classes I have taught all ages: High School Portfolio prep as well as elementary school art

  2. what’s the time frame?

  3. I’d love to teach a class in handmade books for beginners, possibly with a Brooklyn theme. Everyone would go home with a finished sewn pamphlet and several more book structures; cost for materials would be very modest; no previous experience would be necessary. I’m a book artist and letterpress printer with training from the Center for Book Arts and a past exhibitor with the Flatbush Artist Studio Tour.

  4. Hello, ARTery folks:
    I am replying here because I can’t seem to find an email to write to; I hope that’s okay.
    I’m a cartoonist in the ‘nabe and I regularly teach workshops on the topic. I’ve taught all ages (including adults!) and all skill levels. I love to show people how affluent comics are becoming and encourage people to be really creative with their work.
    Please let me know if this would be of interest and what style of workshop you’re looking for (one-offs, a series of classes, etc) and I can work on accommodating that. I’m including my website–please feel free to peruse my work.

    Brenda, I actually taught a workshop at the Center for Book Arts a few years back–maybe we’ve met?

  5. I’d be interested in teaching an acting class for adults if there is interest. Scene Study and Monologues.

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