Brooklyn ARTery

Coming Soon: Brooklyn ARTery

I’ve lived in Ditmas Park for more than a decade and it’s the most amazing place to live!  I love the diversity, people, the food, and the trees.  Ditmas has almost everything you need but it’s still hard to find a place to buy fine quality jewelry, bags, clothes, or even home décor.

I’m launching the Brooklyn ARTery to fill a much-needed retail niche and to add value to this great community.  It will be more than a store…it will be a destination!  An art space where adults and kids in the neighborhood can come together and buy quality handmade merchandise, take a class, watch an independent film, and so much more!

Each week I will keep you in the loop on what’s happening with the ARTery—including the upcoming artisan market, classes, and the search for the right storefront.  I’ll also feature local artists, designers, and craftspeople whose work will be featured at The Brooklyn ARTery.

So stay tuned!

Susan Siegel


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18 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Brooklyn ARTery

  1. SP Thomas on said:

    Siegel’s at it again! I love this idea! This is just what we need in Ditmas. Sounds like a winning plan for the neighborhood and our artists. I look forward to hearing about the classes.

  2. While I live in Prospect Heights, I’ve always admired the vibe and architecture of Ditmas. What a great idea to provide a place for the area artists to work, teach, develop, and cross-fertilize. Ditmas will be an even greater draw when Brooklyn Artery brings it all together.

  3. Jesse on said:

    Wow! Sounds very cool! Community spaces are always scarce and this sounds like it will be for both old and young. Makes me want to make a road trip from Bed-Stuy!

  4. Susan- Sounds like a terrific idea and one that interests me right now as I am also in the start up mode. I am designing women’s CityTote bags, iPad cases and small zip pouches all using photography as the textile design. I am in the final sampling phase and will show you the products via the face book page which should be up in a few days. Gook luck with your (ad)venture.

  5. This is just the sort of thing that makes me want to move back to Brooklyn!

  6. Karen McMullen on said:

    I used to come to beautiful Ditmas Park only to visit friends. Then I would come to try out the new little eateries that kept popping up. Looks like soon I’ll be coming out to shop as well. Sounds like a great idea that will really round out the Ditmas experience. I’m looking forward to it!

  7. Susan………Good for you……………….you are doing what we need here.
    As usual, you are doing good for the community, Susan.
    Good Luck
    Mary Kay Gallagher

  8. Jane Mizrahi on said:

    congratulations and much luck on your new venture, Susan!!!
    let me know when you are open and I’ll put the word out.
    go get ’em!

  9. this looks very interesting and something that will draw fascinating people to the area. elaine sarfati

  10. Looking forward to this new resource for the neighborhood! Go Susan!

  11. loquat on said:

    This is so great– you are pretty awesome, Susan Siegel. Thanks
    for the energy and love you bring to Ditmas. People are gonna love this–
    Can’t wait, the neighborhood needs it and I will try and tell a lot of people
    about it…

  12. Fantastic Susan!!!! So very excited to see this come to fruition! You rock!
    Onward and upward,

  13. I love this idea! Ditmas Park, despite its vibe, its beautiful houses and trees, is still a secret to many New Yorkers (not only folks still wondering if they should cross the bridge, but also to many Brooklynites). This is just what Ditmas needs, and I can’t wait to see it take shape! A beautiful idea, Susan, long overdue!

  14. YAY! This is so exciting. Where are you thinking the location will be?
    If you can make my cortelyou library mural opening on Saturday from 1-4pm, please introduce yourself to me! -Kathryne Hall

  15. Brooklyn ARTery is a fantastic and necessary idea. It fills a creative, and community based void in the neighborhood that is much needed.
    As this business grows I hope it will inspire other like minded businesses.
    We have to get the word out!

  16. 'Florence on said:

    Ditmas Park, Get ready! Susan, You are a change-maker, trend-starter, and innovator!! I can’t wait to visit.

  17. David Vargas on said:

    You are true entrepreneur. Wishing you all the luck and success. Let me know if you need anything.

  18. What a fantastic idea.

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